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How do I find what hair type I have?




When deciding your hair type, the best way to start is by measuring the diameter of a single strand of hair. Take a strand of hair and put it between your fingers. Can’t feel anything? This is a characteristic of fine or thin hair. If you can feel the strand, it’s usually medium thickness, and if it’s dense or textured, it’s potentially thick/coarse.


Another strand test involves laying down a single strand on a flat surface. It’s thin/fine if it’s barely noticeable. Your hair is coarse if it is textured and dense. Anything in the middle is referred to as medium. Setting a single strand of hair next to a piece of thread will also help you decide your hair’s diameter or width; if they’re around the same width, your hair is medium. Your hair is thick if it is heavier than the thread.


Hair Density/Thickness


Many people believe that hair density and diameter are the same thing. A person’s hair can be thin in strand width but dense in volume. Hair density, in essence, refers to how much hair you have – the amount of hairs, not the thickness of each one. A small diameter does not always mean a small density, and a medium diameter does not always imply a medium density.


Taking a handful of hair from the front of your head and gently pulling it to the side is an easy way to assess your hair density. Is there a lot of your scalp noticeable in between the strands? If you can scarcely see your scalp, you have thin density; if you can barely see your scalp at all, you have thick density. Anything in the middle is considered medium/average density.


How do I choose the right Dolcy Hair set?


When selecting your weight, it’s crucial to pick a package that complements your hair type, length of hair, and haircut. If you have a lot of hair strands, a blunt haircut, or short hair, for example, you’ll need a heavier weight to maintain a natural blend between your hair and the extensions.


How long does my hair need to be?




The length of your hair should be at least 6-7 inches (which is around shoulder length). The explanation for this is that your hair must be long enough for the clips to firmly stick to your hair and for the clips not to show through your short hair.




Your hair should not be shorter than shoulder length. Short haired people should avoid Halo extensions because they would need more wefts and hair to achieve a seamless blend.




Hair that can be tied into a bun or a ponytail should be long enough (either low, medium, or high). The most important thing to remember is that the Dolcy Hair Ponytail Extension must be attached to a bun or an established ponytail.


What is the difference between weights?


All Dolcy Hair clip-in extensions come in a complete package and are made of the same high-quality 100% Remy human hair. The weight is the only difference between each set. The more hair attached to each weft, the higher the grams. The thickness of the individual strands will remain constant.


Need help with a color match?


We’re delighted to assist! For a color match, send us a picture.




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